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Гильгамеш (GILGAMESH)

Гильгамеш (GILGAMESH)

Вечный, чаще всего известный как «Забытый», на протяжении веков носил множество имен, но его настоящее имя остается загадкой. Около 3000 г. до н.э. он стал Гильгамешем, царем Урука на Ближнем Востоке. Он искал вечной жизни, не подозревая, что на самом деле он был членом расы Вечных, способным жить вечно. Его считали героями Самсоном и Гераклом, и он подружился с такими людьми, как Ахилл, Эней и царь Давид.



Gilgamesh has typical Eternal powers such as  levitation/flight  (around  600  mph),  extreme  longevity,  virtual  indestructibility,  emission  of  heat/light/force  blasts  from  his  eyes  and  hands,  matter  transmutation  (minor  skill  only),  illusion  casting,  near-limitless  stamina,  and  superhuman  strength  (class  100).  He  hand-crafts his own battle armor, and Sprite created space armor enabling him to function in a vacuum.


The  Eternal  most  often  known  as  “the  Forgotten  One”  held  many  names  over  the  centuries,  but  his  true  name  remains  a  mystery.  Around 3,000 BC, he became Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk in the Middle East. He quested for eternal life unaware that he was actually a member of  the  race  of  Eternals,  able  to  live  forever.  He  was  thought  to  be  the  heroes  Samson  and  Hercules,  and  befriended  men  such  as  Achilles,  Aeneas, and King David.

Eventually learning his true nature, the Forgotten One was confined to a corner of the Eternal city Olympia by decree of the Eternals’ ruler Zuras, who said the Forgotten One had interfered with humanity too often. The Forgotten  One  obeyed  this  command  until  he  was  informed  by  Sprite that all the other Eternals were absent while their enemies, the Deviants, attempted to launch an assault upon the Celestials, the creators of both Deviants  and  Eternals.  The  Forgotten  One  set  into  space,  stopped  the  Deviants, and was then taken aboard the Celestials' Mothership by the One Above All, leader of the Celestials.

The Forgotten One was christened “Hero” by the One Above All, and was returned to Earth to warn the Eternals not to interfere with the Celestials. He was welcomed back to Olympia by Zuras, and soon walked again in man’s world. The Forgotten One was one of the Eternals who elected to remain on Earth when most of the population departed to explore space. He aided his fellow Eternals against the Deviants’ attempt to revive the Dreaming  Celestial,  a  rogue  Celestial.  When  demons  commanded  by  N’Astirh  assaulted  New  York,  the  Forgotten  One  journeyed  there  to  slay  them,  and  wound  up  joining  the  Avengers  at  the  end  of  the  crisis,  resuming his alias as Gilgamesh.Gilgamesh  did  not  last  long  as  an  Avenger,  eventually  succumbing  to  battle  fury  while  combating  the  Lava  Men,  an  error  that  nearly  led  to  his death at their hands. Learning that his departure from Olympia had weakened him, he spent most of his time within Olympia from that point on. The Forgotten One was later targeted for death by Immortus, but was eventually restored to life along with many other slain Eternals who were rendered amnesiac by the machinations of Sprite. Druig arranged for his memories to be restored, hoping to recruit him as an ally.

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