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Зурас (ZURAS)

Зурас (ZURAS)

Зурас был старшим сыном Хроноса, лидера первого поколения расы, ныне известной как Вечные.


Zuras and Alars were the eldest sons of Chronos, the leader of the first generation of the race now known as the Eternals. Chronos was working in his laboratory in Titanos on experiments to discover the secret of immortality when he grasped a vessel containing an unknown "cosmic force" he had isolated. The vessel ruptured, causing an explosion which demolished Titanos. The explosion scattered Chronos' atoms throughout the universe, but Chronos' astral form, now possessing godlike intelligence and perceptions, remained on this plane of reality. The "cosmic force" released by the explosion also altered the other members of Chronos' race, all of whom survived. Now both they and their descendants would have virtually indefinite life spans compared to those of ordinary humans, and could be killed only by means that would disperse a large proportion of their atoms. Thus the inhabitants of Titanos truly became what they are known as today, Eternals.

Zuras and Alars together initiated the first creation of the Uni-Mind, a collective melding of Eternals' bodies, shortly thereafter. While in the form of the Uni-Mind, the Eternals determined that Zuras should be Chronos' successor as the leader of their race. To avoid disunity among the Eternals, Alars who had different ideas than Zuras about what the Eternals' goals should be, left for outer space. Eventually Alars settled on Saturn's moon, Titan, where he fathered the race of Titanian Eternals and became known as their leader, Mentor.

Zuras directed the construction of the new principal city of the Eternals, Olympia, in a mountainous region in Greece. Other Eternals settled elsewhere, but Zuras remained the leader of all of Earth's Eternals. At some point Zuras married a female Eternal named Cybele and they had a daughter, Azura, now known as Thena. It is not known whether they had other children as well

When the civilization of ancient Greece began to rise, the Olympian god Zeus decided to make the presence of the Olympian gods known to the Greeks so that they would worship him and the other gods. The principal nexus between the dimension of Olympus and Greece lay atop Greece's Mount Olympus, near Olympia, the capital city of the Eternals. Zeus and his daughter Athena held a meeting with Zuras and Azura, who had become her father's principal advisor. Noticing the marked physical resemblance between Zeus and Zuras and between Azura and herself, Athena suggested that the Olympian gods and the Eternals form an alliance in which the Eternals would act as the gods' representatives on Earth. Zeus, Zuras, and Azura agreed. Azura took the name of Thena as a token of this agreement. Over the many years, many human beings came to think of several Eternals not as representatives of the Olympian gods but as the gods themselves. This confusion led to a growing resentment by the gods towards the Eternals, which recently erupted into a war, during which there was a battle between Zuras and Zeus. However, the war ended the very same day that it began, and the Olympian gods and Eternals are now at peace.

With the arrival of the Fourth Host of the Celestials, Zuras knew that if the Fourth Host judged that humanity did not live up to the standards it had set for them, it would destroy the Earth. Deciding to prevent such a fate, Zuras and the Eternals decided to join the Asgardian god Odin in his attempt to drive the Celestials from Earth. So Zuras and the other Eternals of Earth merged once again into the Uni-Mind, and advanced into the South American base of the Fourth Host, where they were joined by the Destroyer. The Celestials Gammenon and Jemiah together fired powerful bolts of energy into the Uni-Mind, causing it to turn back into the various individual Eternals, who fell to Earth, temporarily unconscious. However, Zuras, whose consciousness lay at the center of the Uni-Mind, was immediately killed by the force bolt. His corpse fell to the ground with the other Eternals. The Celestials judged in Earth's favor and left Earth.

Thena assumed leadership of Earth's Eternals upon the demise of Zuras, and the Eternals brought his body back to Olympia where it lay in state. However, although Zuras had physically died, his consciousness still remained within his physical form. Shortly after the Eternals returned to Olympia, they were captured by the Deviants, who used devices called "brain mines" to place them all in catatonic-like states. James Rhodes, who was then operating as Iron Man, placed Thena's body near Zuras' in an effort to free her from this state. Thena and Zuras thereby achieved mental contact, and Thena revived. Shortly thereafter, the Deviants used a machine to disassociate the atoms of Zuras' body, so that Zuras was now truly dead at last. Rhodes and the Eternals defeated and captured the Deviants shortly afterwards.

Apparently, however, Zuras can still manifest himself on the Earthly plane. His spirit seemingly appeared when the Eternal Ikaris battled Thena, who was then unknowingly under the influence of a Deviant "brain mine," for the right to be the Prime Eternal of Earth. 

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