Комиксы Marvel

Художник показывает как выглядили бы фильмы Marvel в оригинальных комиксах

Джон Блэк нарисовал и выложил в сеть, как бы выглядели постеры современных супергеройских блокбастеров Marvel с героями из оригинальных комиксов. У него имеются множество работ с перерисовыванием постеров оригинальных фильмов в виде комиксов.

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I wasn’t going to remake this poster next but I started looking at reference photos and just got carried away! #captainamerica #firstavenger #marvel

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Here’s a new poster redraw for you all! I think most of you prefer marvel, so I bring you some silver-age Avengers! The city was pretty daunting but I learned to just take it one step at a time and before I knew it, it was done. Update: I know Nick Fury was white during that period. It’s art, it’s imagination. From my experience in comics and film, “Black” Fury has been the most memorable incarnation. This was a tiny way to honor the work of Samuel L Jackson and writers like Mark Millar. I personally love how inclusive comics and film have become and I didn’t want to “white wash” (or whatever you want to call it) time and time again just because it’s fun to look back at these posters recreated with old costumes and art styles. So to everyone telling me Fury was white back then, I know, I knew, I don’t care. My art, my imagination, my choice. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I’m having fun sharing these with you! #ironman #hulk #blackwidow #thor #captainamerica #hawkeye #fury #marvel

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Так же художник не ограничивается только работами над Marvel.

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